Upcoming Fire Safety Classes

At The Floasis, 1342 Dekalb Ave Brooklyn NY

Part 1: April 14th 1-5pm @ The Floasis 1342 Dekalb Ave Brooklyn NY

Part 2: April 29th 7-10pm @The Floasis 1342 Dekalb Ave Brooklyn NY


No RSVP or registration necessary (just show up on time!)

The Floasis holds fire performance safety classes that are accepted by the FDNY as a prerequisite to the E29 Fire Performer COF. It is also highly recommended for anyone who wants to spin fire at The Floasis jams and showcases.

This is a two part class that is excellent for all skill levels. If you have never touched fire before or have been doing it for years, you will learn something in class 1. When you finish class 1, you receive a Certificate of Completion that is accepted by the FDNY. Class 2 is not required by the FDNY but it focuses on indoor fire spinning, how the test works and how the inspectors operate.

The classes are $40 for part 1 and $30 for part 2. The full weekend costs $70.

Class 1- $40 4hrs How to spin fire and The Floasis procedures!

Includes Certificate of Completion, and written materials.  This is an accepted pre-requisite to the FDNY certificate of Fitness for fire performers and producers.

What to bring: Clothing suitable for outdoors, paper and pen.If you want a letter of recommendation for the E29: bring your props and wear something appropriate to perform fire in.Part 1A- Fire Performing Safety15 minutes- Q&A arrival and sign in45 minutes- fuel demonstration (outside)1 hour Performance area, yourself and your props45 minutes Fabric science (outside)- 15 Minute Break -30 minutes- Extinguishing

30 minutes First timers can light their props!30 minutesPerformer submissions (for E29 COF recommendations)

Class 2- $30 3 hrs How to get certified with the FDNY!

This class is geared towards performing with fire professionally. Though it is not required by the FDNY, it informs students of the process of obtaining the E29 Fire Performer COF. Venue owners and bookers would also benefit from this class if they are interested in hosting/booking fire shows. ANY LATE ARRIVALS PAST 1:30 WILL BE SENT AWAYNo RSVP or registration necessary (just show up on time!)Part 2- Fire Performing with the FDNY 1-4pm $301pm arrival and sign in1:15 - 1:45 What you need to take the COF test1:45 - 2:45 Study Material review- 15 Minute Break -3:00 - 4:00 How to file for a venue permit and pass inspection4:00- 4:30 ~optional~ Performer submissions (for E29 COF recommendations)

About the Teacher:

Tara Mc Manus is considered an authority on fire safety and fire department procedures.  She has met with the FDNY to set up fire performing standards and is shaping the future of fire performance across the country. she is a board member of NAFAA, Board member and teacher for FAISP, The Flow Arts Institute Safety Project, administrator of the Fire safety discussion group, director of the Floasis and an FDNY certified E-28 Fire Producer.

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