Upcoming Fire Safety Classes

At The Floasis, 1342 Dekalb Ave Brooklyn NY

Part 1:  $50@ The Floasis 1342 Dekalb Ave Brooklyn NY

Part 2:  $35 @The Floasis 1342 Dekalb Ave Brooklyn NY


No RSVP or registration necessary (just show up on time!)  you can pay in person via cash, Paypal or Venmo.This is a two part class that is excellent for all skill levels.

The Floasis holds fire performance safety classes that are accepted by the FDNY as a prerequisite to the E29 Fire Performer COF. To learn more about NYC requirements for fire performers visit https://thefloasis.com/fdny-faq

There are opportunities at the end of Class 1 or Class 2 to audition for a letter of recommendation. Class 1- 5 hours $50 practical fire performance safety course

Class 2- 3 hours $35 How to get certified with the FDNY

Class 1 is so full of information, everyone will learn something. If you have never touched fire before ~or~ have been doing it for years, you will find value in taking this class. When you finish class 1, you will receive a Certificate of Completion that is accepted by the FDNY (one document needed for the E29 COF, visit https://thefloasis.com/become-licensed for the entire list). Class 2 is not required by the FDNY but it is very helpful for professionals performing with fire in NYC to understand the regulations.

What to bring: Clothing suitable for outdoors, paper and pen.If you want a letter of recommendation for the E29: bring your props, buckets and wear something appropriate to perform fire in.The Floasis can not issue Certificates of Fitness (eg CoFs E-29, F03/F04). The FDNY is the only organization that can test for and issue CoF’s. Our safety course is one of two options accepted by the FDNY as one of requirements for the E-29 CoF. The other safety class can be found online here: https://flowartsinstitute.com/product/fai-fire-safety-course/

Class 2 focuses on License, Permits and insurance requirements. We will go into indoor fire spinning, how the test works and how the inspectors operate. This class is a lecture about how to legally perform with fire in NYC. We go over licensing, how to make and appointment and what to expect on the test. We also go over permitting, how to file for one and how to make venues safe. We also go over insurance and equipment requirements and where to find them. This class is not accredited by the FDNY and does not guarantee a letter of recommendation or a COF. More info on FDNY performance regulations can be found here https://thefloasis.com/fdny-faq