Fire performing is a captivating art form that can make an event unforgettable. It’s beautiful, visceral and of course, it’s dangerous. Until recently, booking fire performers for events was unregulated and filing for a permit was confusing and often overlooked. As of January 2016, the FDNY Explosives Unit began issuing licenses to fire performers (Certificate of Fitness E-29) and fire producers (Certificate of Fitness E-28). This new system can help promoters book performers who uphold safety standards set by the fire performing community and comply with FDNY regulations. This new system will allow more fire legal fire performances to happen throughout the city.

 Performing with fire legally is like driving a car, you need to take a safety course (like The FLoasis SAfety Class Pt 1), you need a licence (Certificate of Fitness) and insurance and your “car” (the venue) needs a permit. Click on the colored boxes below for more info:

The Floasis Safety Course (FDNY accepted)